Adding some gadget on your blog looks funky and sometimes attracts many of visitors and they probably stay for long time in your blog, but there are things you should avoid in developing your blog into more professional-look blog. Here some tips for you to make your blog looks more professional.

1. Template
After your template uploaded, try to check it on many of web browser. How does it look in IE, Mozilla, Opera, etc. Your visitors are not only using IE or Mozilla or another web browser.

2. Color
Using an appropriate colors can help your blog looks more professional. Try using blending color and pick any color that match with the theme of your blog. do not using pink as your business blog background.
3. Clock
Do not put a clock on your blog. It can slowdown your page until it completely opened.
4. Calendar
This calendar is useful for those who want to see the information only about date. You can put it in your blog. But, putting calendar to display your post is not suggested.
5. Counter
If your blog already published in few days, never try to put counter on your gadget. This will occurs your visitors judgment about your blog. Although, there are some counter provider will give you an opportunity to manipulate your counter by giving an instant lots of recent visitors counter, try not to using this kind of method to deceiving your visitors.
6. Ask Visitor
Never ask your visitor to click your ads in many ways. Avoid using “click this ad” or another provocation to click your ads.
7. Ads
Putting many ads is absolutely gave us many of advantages. Especially, it can generate cash from our blog. But remember, your visitor will starting to leave if there are many ads spread out in all over your blog. They are willing to read your articles, most of them did not want to see many of ads. Just minimize your ads and maximize your post.
8. Song
Using background song can make visitor get surprised. They are not realize when browse your blog, a song directly played. Of course, playing music is not forbidden, but for those who have slow internet connection, background music can occurs their speed. No problem if your blog is about music or personal blog, but for business blog, I suggested to avoid using song in the background.
9. Visitor Status
Are you KGB or CIA agent?. If you are not one of them, avoid to display your visitor’s status because your blog is not a spy tools.
10. Non-related Gadget
Why do you add forex corners if your blog is all about computer?. Adding many kinds of gadget actually really fun, but it will looks weird.
11. Copy-Paste
If you want to copy-paste the other’s content to be copied into your blog, you must repair the whole articles including links.
12. Punctuation
Double check the punctuation of your articles. Meaning depends on right punctuation.
13. Picture
Putting a big picture or many of small picture can slowdown your blog to completely opened. They rather looking other blog to visit than waiting your densely populated blog.
14. Broken Link
Frequently check your dead-link. Usually, visitor will not go back to your blog if they discontented because they can find where the links lead. Moreover, they thought that your blog is not manage well.
15. Post
Don’t ever try to post other’s articles because your visitor will think that they better directly go to the actual source.
16. Source
Always put your source. Basically, professional blog always put the sources below the articles. If you take other’s articles, make sure to add their source name or links.
How to response visitor’s comments?. Well, never trying to insult the comments although its very annoying. Don’t take too seriously if there are any controversial ones.
18. Domain Name
There are some ways to shorten your domain name. If you make a blog using blogger.com, you can make it short and it’s absolutely free. Just googling it.
19. Profile
Just write down your complete profile. So, your visitor know you more. I suggest that showing the real of you is not a big deal if you want to famous your name. but, if you don’t want to show up yourself its all up to you. Using alias sometimes gave us advantages.

The professional-look blog can be achieved if you really want to make it. Keep it simple and your visitors will keep your blog up for a long time.


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