What is google adsense ? Have you heard it before ?

Google Adsense is a program for web publishers that allow them to generate revenue from content they publish on the internet. They can paste script provided by Google into their web page and after the Google mediabot crawls the page advertising that is relevant to the content on the page is displayed. The advertisements then appear in your website.

Google pay the publisher to their account each time a visitor clicks one of the Adsense ads. Advertisers pay Google each time their ad is clicked and publisher get the share of the product’s profit. The publishers are not allowed to do self-click to ads in their website because it can suspected as a fraud-click. That is an illegal activity forbidden by google. If they still doing that, so google has the right to null their google adsense’s account.

Furthermore, publishers are paid at the end of each month if their account balance exceeds $100.00. if their account balance didn’t exceed that amount, it will accumulated together with next month achievement. The payment can be obtained by publisher within two ways; by check or by direct to deposit. The check sent to their address, so make sure to write it clear.
Actually, it is very simple to join Google Adsense, there is one principle in Adsense. Google publishers only need to get content up on the internet and Google does the rest. Of course, the one who will get a lot of money must working hard for their goal that is earn as much money as possible.


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