I have read many of comments from other blog that I had visited and suddenly I just want to click every links that exist. Usually, after see the guest’s name that somewhat unique, I became curious about this person. Then, I click the name and suddenly directed to that person’s website or blog. So, lets take the advantage from this facility, that is, lead somebody’s guest book visitor to your specific page. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

You can lead them to your :

1.Top Articles
Leading the visitor to your top articles can get them stay and explore your pages. Different person perhaps not doing the same thing, but this tricks always work. Try it!
2.Contest Blog
Are you became a contestant in a blog contest?. If so, why don’t you make links that lead to your contest blog. This will give you benefits because the visitor directly go to your contest blog. Hopefully, they will give you comment, or suggestion or not doing anything. But that’s not problem. You can still attracts many of visitor using this method.
3.Personal Blog
If you want to famous yourself, just make links to your personal blog. This will give your visitor know exactly about you. Well, nobody loves you if you not show up, right?
4.Affiliation Page
An affiliation page is one of internet browser’s looking for. This keyword gaining the third place of search engine rank. I have predicted that you visitors will like to surf your affiliation page because the offers are superb. For those who loves money will dig about that information (if they are not already knew before).
Now it’s time to show your forum and gain a lot of members. Leading the visitors to your forum maybe interesting them to be a member of your forum. Everybody lives to share to others, right?

So, after you read this articles, are you still want to lead your visitor candidates to your home page ?


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