Perhaps if you only had a cigarette once a month the side effects would be much less damaging to your health but the truth is smokers just have one cigarette a month? Most people that smoke, smoke at least every day and often numerous times in a day, some spend most of their waking hours with a cigarette in their mouth. It is not new news that smoking cause's cancer contributes to heart disease and affects the health of those that inhale second hand smoke. At the end of the day smoking is unhealthy and should be replaced with a healthy habit.

According to research published in The Lancet medical journal, 4.83 million people died from smoking worldwide in 2000 - 2.41 million in developing countries and 2.43 million in rich nations.

You know it's harmful, why do it?

People begin to smoke for various reasons:

* To relieve stress
* Peer pressure
* As a social thing
* To loose weight

Sings of a Smoking Addiction:

If you or a loved one is a smoker and wonder if you are addicted answer these questions:

* If you wanted to could you stop without emotional or physical discomfort?
* With the knowledge that smoking is dangerous, even deadly do you continue to do it?
* Do you have clear withdrawal symptoms?
* Does smoking consume your thoughts?
* Is smoking preventing you from being successful in life?

Alternative Therapies that can Help

There are several therapies that will offer assistance with this quest to regain your independence over the cigarette.

* Acupuncture utilizes the theory that the body is made up of meridians which allow energy to flow free throughout the body. Internal and external factors may cause blockages in these meridians and by stimulating specific acupuncture points the energy is re-activated. Acupuncture utilizes specific body and ear points to help smoker quit. It replaces the craving for cigarettes with healthy energies.
* Hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapist creates an environment where their patient can relax into a state where they are easily influenced by ideas. Several sessions of being exposed to gentle encouragements from the therapist will soon become the desires of the smoker who wants to quit. Hypnotherapy works on re-patterning bad habits with healthy habits.
* Massage therapy or Yoga might help in an indirect way by relieving stress. Often people smoke to relive stress, if this is the case then relive stress through a healthy habit.


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