No one admits to wanting to grow old gracefully, and today, modern technology modern science have combined to make it easier not to. People are now using both synthetic and homeopathic alternatives, and are going to fancy salons or just fighting the fight on the home front with all the new products available. More and more people, men as well as women, have decided to try to delay the ravages of time.

Our bodies consist primarily of water, so replenishing the moisture in our bodies is one of the first steps in the anti-aging fight. Maintaining the level of liquids in the body helps to maintain overall health, and nothing is more youthful than a healthy look. Moisture in the body keeps your skin soft and supple. Dry skin is one of the most aging features we can have. Nutritionists recommend that, in order to keep our body amply moisturized, we should drink eight 8-oz glasses of water a day.
Moisturizing your face is a great idea, especially if you use a product that contains SPF 15 or higher. Make it a point to moisturize every morning in order to order to avoid dry, dull skin that's far more likely to start the wrinkling process before its time. This can - and should - be done by men and women alike. After all, aging knows no bias.

Many people do not realize how important exercise is in the anti-aging process. First of all, a fit body looks younger, and good circulation will improve skin tone and appearance. Additionally, when your health is good, you bolster your immune system, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. All of these give a healthy, youthful appearance. Exercise also maintains good bone density, so that you will stand straight and tall. Nothing says "old" like stooping or having dowager's hump.

Another common sense weapon in the battle against aging is a good night's sleep. Lack of sleep causes aging because the body's cells are not regenerating as they should.If you don't get the right amount of rest each night, all of your body's systems will suffer and you will show your age earlier. We all know the symptoms of lack of sleep: bags under the eyes, memory loss, lethargy and depression. What could be more aging than those? And what difference does it make if you use all the fancy skin care products, if, because of lack of sleep, you look years older than you actually are.

Another negative aspect in the fight to appear younger is today's emphasis on having a thin body. Some weight will give your face a fuller appearance, and make it look like there is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Thin faces show aging much more than fuller ones. In addition to wrinkles showing, your face will appear drawn and aged because of bone loss in the cheek and jaw. A thin facewil look much older than a full face. Don't overeat just to plump up your wrinkles, but ignore the the emphasis on being rail thin; this is not going to help for a younger look. Try a diet of healthy eating and exercise.

We will all grow old-what's the alternative? So the best attitude is to try to do it gracefully and embrace the changes your body is making. If you are fit and healthy, you will look the best for your own age, so taking care of yourself is the best approach. That, and having good genes.


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